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Sta. Maria de Llorell

Strandrestaurant - Beach restaurant

Only about 60 miles after the French border between the mediterranean town LLORET DE MAR (a lively town 5 miles away) and TOSSA DE MAR (a lovely old town with castle, 2 miles away) you can find a holiday resort called "Santa Maria de Llorell".

At the beach, you can meet families with children of all ages and from all over Europe. At this never overcrowded place you can enjoy all sorts of water-sports like water-skiing, windsurfing, sailing and diving (sports gear can be rented) as well as fun activities and boat trips. Snorkelling fanatics find plenty of interesting places around the rocks and by the nearby tiny islands. At the beach restaurant they offer reasonably priced meals and snacks, cool beers, ice-cream and others.

A supermarket and 4 tennis courts are close to the entrance of the community and around the corner one can join the various sports and fun activities at the camping place, visit its swimming pool or open air disco in the evenings. Just in case, there is also an English speaking resident doctor during the summer time at Cale Llevado. If there is something you can’t find in our supermarket, or if it is closed, you can also visit the well stocked one at this camping site and if you are looking for a change, there is an attractive restaurant offering reasonably priced meals.

Tossa de Mar

Strandpromenade - Beach promenade

Tossa de Mar often called the "Pearl of the Mediterranean" or the "Blue Paradise" is one of the few small towns, which despite being affected by tourism, has kept its flair and its identity. The deep blue sea, the wide bay with fine sandy beaches the friendly open-minded people and the lovely old town "Villa Vella" will surely fascinate you as well as it has done the many visitors before you.

One can also stroll around one of the best preserved castles in the whole of Spain where Spanish and foreign visitors enjoy the atmosphere of old times and frequent the many romantic restaurants.

lloret de mar

Burgenanlage/Altstadt - Castle/Old City

Lloret de Mar with its wide and buzzing beach is the place for the active ones in the summer. Plenty of sports and other activities and hundreds of discothèques transform this town, (which is a famous destination for many bus tour companies) from a somehow quiet place for old-age pensioners in spring and autumn into an entertainment heaven for the young ones. If you want to visit Lloret at the weekends you must be prepared for annoying traffic hold ups.

Besides a go-kart-track and the "waterworld" with its many inventive water slides and fun basins, Lloret provides two 18-hole golf courses where golfers of all levels are welcome.

Places To Visit

COASTAL ROAD from Tossa de Mar to S.Feliu

AMPURIABRAVA - ROSAS - AMPURIAS - CADAQUES Ampuriabrava is one of the worlds largest marina with its own airport. In front of your house you park the car, walk through the house and leave by boat on the canal. Ampurias, situated in the Bay of Roses is a very historical place. One can even take a short boat ride and visit a Greco-Roman acropolis on the shore. You can also learn to skydive at Empuriabrava aerodrome, learn to sail at one of its many sailing schools, and eat wonderful food that is a hallmark of Spain and the Catalan region. Emporion (greek for market) with lots of excavations of temples, basilicas and artifacts dating back to 575 BC. Cadaques is the most charming town on the Costa Brava. This village, located in a natural harbour was called by Salvador Dali the most beautiful village in the world . Cadaques is a Summer destination for tourists from all obver the world and especially since Salvador Dali moved to Port Lligat many artists got attracted by this village like Pablo Picasso, Andre Breton, Paul Eluard, Man Ray, Max Ernst and many others.

FIGUERES with the Salvador Dali museum. If you reserve enough time, you could on the way back choose the coastal road to Perpignan (F) with its beautiful landscape.

GIRONA – BANYOLES Visit the old town of Girona. Lots of archeological excavations on the way to the lakes of Banyoles (venue for the olympic rowing events in 1992)

BARCELONA - MONTSERRAT You must have visited Barcelona. Leave your car in the park house at the Placa de Catalunya and visit the town with the „Bus Turistic“ which stops at 24 sites. At each stop you can stay as long as you wish and then take the next bus to the next object of interest. When you buy the round ticket you are also given a bonus voucher towards your parking fee. Montserrat is the site of a marvellous Benedictine abbey, Santa Maria de Montserrat, which hosts the 'Black Virgin of Montserrat" sanctuary and which is identified by some with the location of the Holy Grail in Arthurian mythology. Already haven driven up the mountains it would be worth considering of combining the way back with a visit of the minuscule principality and tax haven „Andorra“. Besides that the people of Andorra are currently listed as having the highest human life expectancies on earth at an average of 83.52 years.

LA ROCA = a Factory Outlet with exclusive shops of famous names like „ Versace“, „Levi‘s“, „Timberland“, „Tommy Hilfiger“, „Nike“ and so on. Approx. half an hour drive on the highway in direction Barcelona, leave exit No. 12.

Tossa De Mar

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